Tools Offering Grounding

What is dissociation ?

What is dissociation?

This describes a psychological state in which your level of consciousness is altered and you are zoned out.

Please explain more

This can feel like you are watching yourself in a movie or feeling like a ghost moved your keys.

Who dissociates?

Who dissociates?

Everyone dissociates to some extent.
We all lose focus of time or tasks.

What is a dissociative disorder?

Dissociative disorders are created through an individual brain response to overwhelming distress or emotional input. This is a survival instinct.

what does this mean?

Cause + Effects

Afterwards, the dissociation causes issues. The adult may automatically dissociate from situations that may seem dangerous even when they are not.

what does this mean?

This leaves them with difficulties moderating or coping with certain emotions or situations in life without dissociating.

How can we help?

Everyone needs help staying grounded, we just need the tools to do so.

What are the tools?

What helps you stay grounded?

Something that...

comforts me
jars me awake
helps me focus
stimulates my mind


An essential part of feeling grounded is to feel safe, secure, and supported. These objects strive to connect with users through smooth, clean and inviting aesthetics. Ergonomic and created to fit into your life for when you need them.


There are days in life when you don't want to face the world. These are the days when you need something that gives that much required shock to your system. This collection was created by taking adverse stimuli and turning it into a positive force to invigorate users. Natural and inviting with well integrated points of pressure and discomfort.


Focus is one of those things that we humans can never seem to get enough of. Our lives are littered with more stimuli than we can ever be expected to handle. Created by offering tactile sensory experiences that help the user to filter and focus. Warm and intriguing with rhythmic points of texture and tone.


From our home lives to the outside world, our brains are wired to constantly search for unique and interesting visual newness. We are fascinated by beautiful forms in nature and often are attracted to touch and interact with these things. These objects have been inspired by the amazing forms in our world that fascinate us. Created to stimulate the brain with organic shapes and textures that activate the user. These tools seek to offer a deeper form of grounding.